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Glimmer & Gloss


Linda Here,

Thank you for taking my fun quiz.

You’re sweet and approachable. Everyone sees you for who you truly are, someone genuine and comfortable in their own skin.

You probably exclusively listen to music from the 90s, and have an aggressive bias against matte lipstick, who would wanna have dry lips right?

Ready to stand out from the crowd?

Check out these top lipstick colors for your skin tone.

Pink & Plump

If you have fair skin, you want something that is slightly tinted and super shiny, just enough to make your lipstick shine!

Try our Soft Nude Lip Gloss for a gloss unlike any other. People will see you shimmer from a mile away!

Glimmer in Gold

If you have medium/tan skin, you KNOW how amazing you look in anything gold tinted.

Try a rose gold for a warmer tone, like our Beach Bronze Lip Gloss to make your sparkling lips look like an expensive piece of jewelry.

She’s So Sweet

If you have deep/dark skin, you want something to bring out the richness in your face.

Unlike most people, you can really pull off silver toned lips, so try out adding Sheer Illusion to make you sparkle, or our Copper Aura to go for a shade closer to your lip color.

“There are endless ways to enhance beauty. You never know when you will find your perfect lipstick unless you keep experimenting.”

— Pat McGrath



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