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Naturally Nude


Linda Here,

Thank you for taking my fun quiz.

Because you know what you want, makeup is easy for you and maybe predictable. You love anything nude related, browns, pinks, and maybeeee if you’re daring, a soft red!

Ready to stand out from the crowd?

Check out these top lipstick colors for your skin tone.

Strength in soft

If you have fair skin, you definitely want something soft pink to the lightest brown, depending on your lip color.

A rose, like our Rose PH Lip Balm, has a great natural finish. While our lightest brown shade, the Better Than Bare Lipstick, gives you a deeper nude.

Perfect Shade

If you have medium/tan skin, you’re gonna wanna match those gorgeous warm tones under your skin.

A honey brown, like our Rich Truffle, is a perfect fit for people with a medium skin tone.

Natural Skin Tones

Try for a perfect nude shade. Guaranteed to make people wonder how you look so good with ‘no lipstick on’.

If you have deep/dark skin, you want something rich and delicious-looking like our Spiced Ginger. Something to make your lips naturally look fuller.

“There are endless ways to enhance beauty. You never know when you will find your perfect lipstick unless you keep experimenting.”

— Pat McGrath



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